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Making it Even Better! - Leandro Gardini - 01-28-2019

We are very close to the release of our long awaited Scoring Tools Masterclass 702.
I’ve been intensively working on it for over an year and the course just gets bigger and better. The current students of 702 love it and we will be releasing it for you in early February.

If you have thoroughly followed the sequence of Scoring Tools Masterclass 701 you are now fully prepared study the advanced subjects of units 702 and 703. The course will be focused on creation of realistic orchestral mockups.
It will include more than 25 hours of videos, texts, midi files, PDF scores, exclusive community, live webinars with me and much more.
It is going to be a massive knowledge of everything that I know about midi orchestration and how you can achieve the results that I get.

However, I need your help.
I want to make sure that I have included everything that is possible for this course and there is where you come in.
There’s only one question that I would like you to answers that is:

Upon checking our SYLLABUS, what are your two top questions about midi orchestration that you want to be covered in Scoring Tools Masterclass 702 and 703?

RE: Making it Even Better! - Guest - 01-28-2019

How to breathe life into to a computerized creation so that it moves and absorbs the listener in a journey inward and through the emotional tapestry of their own heart and imagination

RE: Making it Even Better! - brentsmith50 - 01-28-2019

Working quickly and producing professional and realistic results.

RE: Making it Even Better! - thiagoalmeida - 01-28-2019

Hello Mr. Gardini!

I am very grateful to be a part of the Scoring Tools Masterclass students!

I am currently studying the 702 course, there is incredible information there! I am grateful for all the fantastic tools of each course! For those who made the 701, I'm sure to be amazed by the 702 !!!

My questions would be: how to invest in the main softwares with gradual ranges of values, from a simple to a broad investment? The second question does not exist, the course have explained me everything!

Thank you! Hugs to all!

RE: Making it Even Better! - superkunk - 01-28-2019

It's difficult to imagine anything missing from your Syllabus given the amazing detail you are putting into the lessons - so much of it is exactly what I am interested in learning from you. My biggest frustration in creating my own mock-ups is overall realism and deciding on what kind of sound I'm trying to emulate. It seems like you use a pretty heavy overall reverb in your scores which sounds great... but when studying some modern composers I hear a much drier sound with a lot of punchy dynamics, something I am also quite fond of. Now I realize these are all actual live orchestras performing but I'd love to learn more about how best to achieve the various types of wet/dry soundscapes that I hear in modern recordings. Seems you like you touch on ambience quite a bit in the upcoming lessons so really looking forward to that!

Terrific stuff so far - thank you!

RE: Making it Even Better! - Maximus - 01-28-2019

Dear Leandro,

As someone previously mentioned, the syllabus as it stands is very thorough and detailed... Personally I would love to understand how to create a more chamber like sound and not just in terms of space (reverb) but how to assemble a more chamber like virtual ensemble that is expressive.

Keep up the wonderful work... I just wonder how your upcoming courses will be like knowing your dedication and knowledge.

Kind regards and many blessing,

Max T.

RE: Making it Even Better! - Guest - 01-28-2019

For me it will definitely be Load and Balance and Matching libraries ( specially different instruments from different libraries if it makes sense). I have a hard time finding the balance between different musical elements played by different instruments. Could be related to my writing but it could also be related to the libraries and plugins, hard to tell the difference. I often have a hard time with the depth of my strings too. It is as if they sounded to clean to perfectly played and smooth. Maybe it is because I've been listening a lot to older scores so the sound I have in my is more likely to be a Bernard Herrmann sound than a James Newton one.

RE: Making it Even Better! - rodrigobuj - 01-28-2019

Hi Leandro, thanks a lot for sharing your knowledge and skills with us!

I'm particularly interested in matching libraries from different companies, glad to see that's on the list. Also, on how to improve realism as no matter how good the libraries are, I still can't achieve the sound I'd love to.


RE: Making it Even Better! - Cooke - 01-28-2019

Hi Leandro
In fact the content of the MasterClass is very complete and in my way of understanding nothing is missing.
Thinking about my own difficulties in composing orchestral music, the material that will be very useful for me are best practices and ways to control expression, modulation, vibrato, etc... for each type of instrument / articulations.
I believe that much of the realism comes from knowing how to perform the articulations and dynamics in the way a real musician would play, regardless of the library used

Another point that will be very useful is knowing how to match libraries of different companies without there being an immense work in the mix.


RE: Making it Even Better! - Guest - 01-28-2019

For me would be the creation of a realistic acoustic space and matching different libraries to work together.

Great job Leo, your course is fabulous Big Grin